Features of Saffron Types

Features of Saffron Types

.Types of saffron and their characteristics

.Saffron is divided into several types

.Today saffron is offered in different packages in the market

.Among the different types of saffron available in the market

  • Saffron Sargol
  • Saffron Negin
  • Saffron bunch or girl screw
  • Saffron Pallal

:Types of Saffron

Saffron Negin

Saffron Sargol

Saffron Pallal

Saffron bunch or girl screw

: Saffron Cream

.Squash is red and creamy part of the yellow section of saffron

:Saffron Negin

.Given the amount of cream, it is very similar to ordinary saffron

.Regardless of the thickness of the tufts, it is weaker than saffron jeweled

.Has a very high pigmentation

.The appearance is very bulky and beautiful

 :Saffron Sargol

.It can be said that it consumes more than one type of saffron

.he most common model is saffron, and many customers know this type of saffron

.There is no yellow part of saffron in this saffron, and only the stigma is clean and separate

.These saffron are well-known and well-known names such as morphemes, serrices, and privileges

:Saffron Pallal

.A large percentage of this type of saffron is formed by a red colored veil

.Compared to saffron types, it has a lot of yellowing

.Compared to saffron, the batch is more than the color of the bunch

.Due to the combination of cream with the stigma or the red part, customers have more confidence in this type

.This type has grades 1-2-3

:Saffron Bunch

.This type is considered as the main type of saffron

.Because all the parts of a string of saffron are there and dusted together

.To sort this type, they are placed one-way and double-sided

.In the one-way strain of this product, the claws are arranged apart, and in two directions the stitch is on both sides

.The double-sided classification of this product is more common, because the red part is well seen

.In the standard organization of Iran, it is the fourth grade

.And in foreign countries it has the name red & white

.This type of color is lower than other types, and its aroma is low

.This type does not include saffron types and saffron is white

.There is no spit or red color in it, and it is known as saffron corn material






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