Consumption of saffron

زمان مطالعه: ۲ دقیقه Consumption of saffron Consumption of saffron     Saffron is a type of plant that has a root part like the saffron flower stigma. This part of saffron flower has a spicy property and can be used as a type of spice. To produce one kilo of saffron spices, 75,000 […]

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Training on planting saffron onions

زمان مطالعه: ۲ دقیقه training on planting saffron onions training on planting saffron onions .To plant saffron onion, first pile in a row with a shovel And within each hole you will put 15-3 onions .The depth of planting of saffron onions is 20 to 15 centimeters and should be upward when planting bulbs […]

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سلام. اگر خریدار زعفران هستید، می توانید برای ما پیغام بگذارید.
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خرید انواع زعفران: پوشال پرسی، پوشال قلمدار
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