Training on planting saffron onions

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training on planting saffron onions

planting saffron onions

training on planting saffron onions

.To plant saffron onion, first pile in a row with a shovel

And within each hole you will put 15-3 onions

.The depth of planting of saffron onions is 20 to 15 centimeters and should be upward when planting bulbs

The onions should be placed at a depth of 20 cm

.Because in the winter it is free from cold and frost and other environmental stresses and in the summer heat

.To plant saffron, 5 to 4 people must be present


In this way, somebody with bill pits

.Two separate cultivars of bulbs are separated from 3 to 5 or 15 teaspoons

.The other people should put the saffron onion in the holes so that the whole land of the saffron is planted

.Then you have to level the field level with a shovel or mold that is smooth and compact so that the onions will stick to the soil

Here, cultivated land is released in the same way until autumn irrigation

.Before irrigation, spread around 20 to 10 tons of completely rotten animal manure with a shovel on the ground

.After planting the saffron, the grooves are covered with a trench and a row of crops

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Training on planting saffron onions

The amount and type of onion saffron

.The required amount of onion for planting saffron is 2 tons per hectare

: Features of Saffron Onion



No scars-


Free from any disease-

. Age up to 7 years and remove extra skin and kopet each onion-

 : Prevent pests from attacking the germs

,It is best to plant saffron with mercuric pesticides such as Cresan, Terry Tizan

Granozal and apply 500 300 grams of poison per 100 kg of onion

.The required amount of onion for planting saffron is 2 tons per hectare

.If the glands are not brought out in the seventh year, the plant is weakened and the glands become empty

.And they have completely disappeared after one or two years

.In the seventh year, the amount of gland that can be released from the earth is 5 times the amount cultivated in the first year


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