Yellow Shell Dessert Training

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Yellow Shell Dessert Training

Yellow Shell Dessert Training

There is a very tasty Iranian dessert called Sheleh Zard. This type of dessert is usually used for all kinds of religious and traditional ceremonies. This type of dessert can also be used for parties. In any case, this delicious dessert has a unique taste and aroma. In this article, I will tell you how to make yellow shells with the right proportions that you can multiply by the same proportions for any amount you want


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Ingredients for preparing yellow flakes
۱ cup rice
۶ cups water
۲ cups sugar
۱/۴ cup sliced almonds
Butter 50 g
Milled and brewed saffron in half a cup
Rose 1/2 cup
Ground cardamom 1/4 teaspoon
Cinnamon and sliced pistachios and almonds in the desired amount
With this amount of ingredients, you will have 4 cups of yellow flakes

In this type of dessert, we need to soak the rice the night before cooking, that is, put it in water so that the rice has a soft texture. After one night, put the rice on heat with some water to cook. After the rice boils, Reduce the heat so that our rice is steamed with low heat and the texture is also open. . It is very important that it is fully cooked and released

After about an hour when the rice is fully cooked, add the sugar

Then we add butter and a special Iranian spice called saffron and cardamom that we have already prepared. Meanwhile, we have to stir our ingredients constantly so that it does not settle and the flame is still low

The whole cooking process for this amount takes about two to three hours. When you feel the concentration is enough, you can add rose and cardamom, and after five minutes, you can remove the yellow flakes from the oven and let it cool and decorate
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