Cultivation of saffron by aeroponic method

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Cultivation of saffron by aeroponic method

Cultivation of saffron by aeroponic method

Saffron is a strategically useful and money-making product that the demand for planting and production is very high and does not meet the needs of applicants in other parts of the world.

 Most people think that saffron has high costs due to starting a business. Today, it is produced in provinces such as Khorasan Razavi and North Khorasan.

It should be noted that it is done on a small scale and at a low cost. Currently, it can be cultivated in other parts of the country.

Today, using the aeroponic method or greenhouse conditions can be more productive compared to land cultivation, which reduces production costs and is able to optimize the yield and yield of crops.

 To grow saffron in the field, plant-friendly climatic conditions must be provided, but in the greenhouse, by adjusting the greenhouse air, you can produce more than the open space in terms of production efficiency.

کشت زعفران با روش ائروپونیک

Cultivation of saffron by aeroponic method

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Benefits of AeroPonic Cultivation

  • Reduce costs due to onion damage In this method, saffron onions are less attacked by rodents such as mice.
  • Control of pests and diseases
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Increase saffron harvest
  • Increasing the quality of the product and being cheaper
  • Direct monitoring of soil type and selection of the best soil All factors and conditions such as light and moisture will be under control and control.

In this way, all the necessary and nutritious substances reach the saffron onion root by moisture and will not be in contact with water.

 If we consider this plan in an agricultural land with an area of ​​۴۰۰۰ square meters, 200 square meters should be considered for the construction of a greenhouse and 100 square meters of the building will be created and used for a hall with a cultivation area of ​​۲۲۰ square meters in 5 floors.

With this planting method, with only investment, at least 7 kg of saffron, 1 kg of white saffron and two tons of onions can be obtained for about 104 million Tomans. The rate of return on investment is estimated at about 3 years and 7 months.

Disadvantages and problems caused by greenhouse cultivation

 Unfortunately, China has become a pioneer in saffron production in recent years, and due to the fact that it uses cheaper labor, it uses less costs than Iran, and although Iran still has the first place in the field of saffron production.

But the process of planting saffron in the country is still stable and may in the not too distant future with the production of cheaper saffron endanger the development and production of saffron, so with appropriate measures before other countries enter the saffron market, Iran must use its capital and knowledge.

Make the necessary use in this regard.

It should be known that every business needs positive interest and energy, special issues and problems that can be mentioned such as buying quality raw materials, problems caused by building a greenhouse and not having enough experience in saffron production.

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کشت زعفران با روش ائروپونیک

Cultivation of saffron by aeroponic method

 Let’s grow saffron in the flower house

 In June, the onion is removed from the ground and placed in a well-ventilated environment. At this time, the leaves turn yellow and the onion goes to sleep. In early September, 10 gram onions are separated and transferred to the flower house.

 In October, the bulbs begin to germinate and the secondary buds must be removed for the main buds to grow.

What facilities does greenhouse saffron need?

  1. Tank or storage for water
  2. Production hall that is completely covered
  3. Fogger
  4. Saffron onion holding molds
  5. Timer
  6. Shelving

 Due to the water shortage crisis in recent years, the cultivation of this crop due to low water consumption can be an effective way to manage water consumption.

 Also, due to the complete supervision of the type of product from the beginning of planting to the time of harvest compared to the traditional method, it can be hoped that the amount of saffron harvest will be much higher than the traditional method.

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  planting saffron bulbs  noorhan saffron  price of saffron
 planting saffron  planting saffron bulbs  noorhan saffron  price of saffron

Cultivation of saffron by aeroponic method



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