Factors reducing saffron flowering

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Factors reducing saffron flowering

Factors reducing saffron flowering

:Infected saffron onions

Onions should be completely healthy, mites and fungi are one of the main reasons for reducing the yield of saffron onions. Be sure to remove the onions from the soil at several points in the field and consult a specialist to check for ticks and fungi.

:Saffron onion size

Each onion must weigh more than eight grams in order to have flowers. If it weighs less than eight grams, it will not have flowers and will only have a vegetative discussion. This part is related to nutrition, and if the nutrition management of saffron onions is not correct, the onions will be chopped and the yield of saffron onions will decrease.

: The number of saffron bulbs or the same amount of saffron bulbs per hectare

The higher the amount of saffron bulbs when planting, the more harvest you will have in the first years in the future. That is, in two farms of the same age, in a farm where more saffron onions are poured, there will definitely be more saffron flowers. Of course, good nutrition has led to a rapid increase in the number of saffron onions, and the more saffron onions we have, the more saffron flowers we will have. Of course, this is not always the case, and after a few years when the number of saffron onions increases very much at one point, we will definitely have a decrease in yield due to competition in the harvest of water and food. In other words, both a small number of saffron onions and a very large number of saffron onions reduce the flowering of saffron.

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 :Depth of saffron onion

The mother saffron onion that gave saffron flowers this year, disappears in February, and on the mother saffron onion, a daughter saffron onion is formed, which causes the saffron onions to approach the soil surface every year and year by year. Reduce the depth of saffron cultivation. This means that if you plant saffron bulbs at a depth of 25 cm, after five years the bulbs will reach a depth of less than 20 cm, and this will cause environmental stresses such as cold, heat and reduced humidity to negatively affect saffron bulbs and flowering. Reduce saffron. The depth of saffron onion, depending on the texture of the saffron soil, which is sandy, should be 20 to 25 cm, and if it is clay, it should be 15 to 20 cm. .

: Saffron soil type

In years when the air temperature is very high, the yield of saffron clay soils is much better than sandy and light saffron fields, and the reason is high humidity next to saffron onions and reduced heat effect in summer on onions and Finally there is an increase in performance. Saffron management in these two soil groups is completely different and the method of saffron irrigation, saffron irrigation time and also saffron fertilization should be done based on the texture of saffron soil. The soil texture for saffron is better not too hard and clay and not too sandy and light.

 :Saffron water and soil quality

In terms of salinity, saffron water and soil should not be saline and EC (saffron) water and soil should be below 4000. If the EC is high, reducing the yield of saffron is inevitable. In terms of pH, it should be 7.5, and even with this pH, you will have trouble absorbing and many foods will not be absorbed.

Factors reducing saffron flowering

: Number of saffron irrigation in the previous year

In order to achieve good performance in our saffron field, we must provide the minimum water need for saffron. To achieve this goal, saffron should be watered 4 to 5 times a year, the most important of which is water after harvesting flowers and yellowing of water when the leaves turn yellow.

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:Management of saffron weed control

Perhaps one of the main reasons for reducing saffron flowering is the lack of weed control in saffron fields. If your land is covered with weeds in the spring so that the saffron leaves are not visible, you should know that you should not expect flowers. Of course, the conditions of perennial weeds such as camel thorns are different, and due to the different depth of development of thorn roots, keep this weed in your saffron farm before irrigation in October, but the rest of the weeds should be weeded after harvesting saffron flowers. Eliminated and did not let them win the competition with saffron!

Factors reducing saffron flowering

:Using saffron herbicides

If you use pesticides such as sankor to eliminate broadleaf weeds, especially if you do not follow the dosage, reducing flowering is inevitable.

: Keeping the leaves until the end of the season

Feeding saffron onions at the end of the season is the return of nutrients stored in the leaves. So do not harvest or graze the leaves until they are completely dry. If, for any reason, the leaves are removed earlier, the saffron bulbs will remain the same size, and due to the weight loss of the saffron bulbs, the yield of the saffron field will be greatly reduced.

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      Factors reducing saffron flowering  Factors reducing saffron flowering



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