Cultivation of saffron by aeroponic method

Cultivation of saffron by aeroponic method Saffron is a strategically useful and money-making product that the demand for planting and production is very high and does not meet the needs of applicants in other parts of the world.  Most people think that saffron has high costs due to starting a […]

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?How is saffron dried

How is saffron dried ? To store saffron for a long time, it must be dried. An important point in the evaluation of saffron is the method of drying it, because saffron is produced during drying due to the hydrolysis of body compounds, crocin and the release of safranal.  Saffron […]

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Red Gold Saffron

Red Gold Saffron Saffron is famous for its health flower, the king of spices and red gold. Botanically, saffron has many properties. The growing and flowering season of saffron is in autumn and the time when its leaves are growing is winter, while most plants grow and flower in spring. […]

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Things we need to know about saffron

Things we need to know about saffron Saffron is a perennial plant with onions. The onion of this plant has a brown pod. This plant is grown in areas of southwest Asia, Spain and southern Europe. The saffron plant has a stem, 6 purple petals and 3 strands of red […]

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?How to identify high quality saffron

?How to identify high quality saffron Unfortunately, due to the high value of saffron, some profiteers use the opportunity and by creating fraud in the preparation of this valuable spice, cause uncertainty and customer satisfaction when buying saffron  One type of fraud is the use of safflower instead of the […]

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The effect of saffron on strengthening the immune system

The effect of saffron on strengthening the immune system For many years, saffron has been produced and cultivated as a valuable plant in Iran, and despite competitors such as Spain, China and Afghanistan, Iran is still the best producer of saffron in terms of medicinal dimensions and amazing properties of […]

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Factors reducing saffron flowering

Factors reducing saffron flowering :Infected saffron onions Onions should be completely healthy, mites and fungi are one of the main reasons for reducing the yield of saffron onions. Be sure to remove the onions from the soil at several points in the field and consult a specialist to check for […]

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Saffron is useful for heartbeat

    Saffron is useful for heartbeat               Saffron is useful for heartbeat          Saffron is useful for heartbeat As you know, saffron has numerous properties, one of the more important  effect of saffron on the treatment of heart disease and palpitations. […]

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