?How to identify high quality saffron

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?How to identify high quality saffron

Unfortunately, due to the high value of saffron, some profiteers use the opportunity and by creating fraud in the preparation of this valuable spice, cause uncertainty and customer satisfaction when buying saffron

 One type of fraud is the use of safflower instead of the original saffron. Sometimes saffron strands are sprayed with oil, candy syrup and sometimes water and salt to gain weight

 In other cases, it has been observed that they use colored corn husks and colored ears instead of saffron

 Therefore, if you are going to buy saffron, be sure to buy it from reliable stores and make sure of its quality and authenticity

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?What are the quality characteristics for buying high quality saffron

 The most important quality validation of saffron is its aroma and color. Thus, we can pay attention to the following when buying saffron

: Saffron flower head

 The upper part of the saffron string, which has a lot of aroma and color, is called. Due to its high price, lack of saffron corner, profiteers can commit many frauds. It should be known that the main properties of saffron are in this section

 Negin Saffron: This part is also suitable in terms of aroma and color, but it does not reach the flower

 Straw saffron: This type of saffron is from the head part to the white part located at the end of saffron

How to identify high quality saffron

Saffron category: which includes all saffron strings

 Corner or white: The yellow and white part separated from the stigma that is separated from the flower part and is called the corner

 It should be noted that the type of area and soil in which saffron is grown and cultivated is of particular importance. The best area for saffron cultivation is in Khorasan province and Ghaen region

 Another method of saffron cheating is to paint the ends

 Saffron is usually sold in powder or whole strands. To detect saffron powder, we need laboratory equipment, which is time consuming and laborious. It is recommended not to buy powdered saffron as much as possible, because turmeric or paprika powder is added to increase the volume of the powder

? How to determine the quality of saffron

The lower the color of the strings, the lower the quality

Usually, the smell of original and high-quality saffron is the smell of flowers and sweets, and if you taste and taste it, it will be a little bitter

 Quality saffron is horny on one side and thin and ivy-like on the other

To know the saffron of Sargol, be a little careful, all the strings should have the same color

 In some cases, small pieces can be seen inside the strands, all of which have a good aroma and appearance, which is completely natural, and this happens due to the eating of the handle and the corner during cleaning

   It should be known that high quality saffron does not produce fat by itself. How to identify high quality saffron

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?What is the structure of saffron to some degree

. Usually saffron should look like a clove, so that the end of the saffron is rod-shaped and the head is serrated, wide and like scissors. The color of saffron should be bright red and its stigmas should not be bright and shiny.

How to identify high quality saffron

?How to distinguish genuine saffron from counterfeit

To distinguish saffron from corn cob, you must pay attention to the appearance of the strings. The strings of corn are straight and the strings of saffron are curved. One of the important features of saffron is the curvature of its strings

Put some saffron in boiling water. After 5 minutes, check the result. If the strands become pale and white, it turns out that saffron is counterfeit
Put some saffron in the straw paper and press. If you see fat particles at the pressure point of saffron, it means that saffron is counterfeit. The original saffron is powdered due to pressure and no trace of oil is observed
Pour some saffron in gasoline, fake saffron seeps in the gasoline
Methane gas-soluble saffron turns purple or orange, and counterfeit saffron turns yellow  How to identify high quality saffron

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How to identify high quality saffron



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