Bought saffron with a laboratory sheet

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Bought saffron with a laboratory sheet

Most people use saffron as a flavoring for their food, but some people use it as a very powerful medicine to treat some diseases.

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world due to its amazing properties, but how do we know that the purchased saffron is healthy?

We all try to buy the best kind of saffron, especially spices that are widely used in the taste of food and the treatment of some diseases; Therefore, we try to provide saffron with suitable quality.

The most important factor to buy a quality saffron is to observe the color and aroma of saffron, but in order to be 100% sure of the quality of saffron, saffron must be tested in saffron quality control laboratories.

Today, viewing the saffron quality test sheet is one of the purchase factors for saffron customers.

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 What are the important parameters of saffron test sheet?

  •  Aroma of saffron

The amount of safranal is calculated according to the dry matter. This chart should show a number between 20 and 50.

  • Taste of saffron

In the measuring sheet, the amount of picrocrocin is calculated based on the dry matter, and saffron of some grade must have picrocrocin 85.

  • The coloring power of saffron

For this test, the minimum available crocin is determined based on the dry matter because the reason for staining saffron is due to the presence of crocin.

Most saffron with a color of more than 230 to 270 is considered as an export super jewel.

If it is higher than 150, it is known as grade 3.

  • Presence or absence of any additive

By adding additives such as salt or honey, the weight of saffron can be increased. By tasting saffron, this fraud can be understood. However, the saffron test helps to find out whether the additive has been added to saffron or not.

It should be noted that a small percentage of the dust in the area is allowed for saffron, but more than this amount is a sign of fraud.

  • Moisture content of saffron and other similar items

  • Additive color to saffron

Another type of fraud in saffron is the addition of colored and chemical synthetic substances to saffron, which is done by fraudsters and profiteers to increase the color of saffron, but this true color of saffron is completely different.

In the cases on the saffron test sheet, a chemical dye detection test is also available. This sheet thoroughly examines the amount of additive dye.

Bought saffron with a laboratory sheet

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Therefore, there should be no chemical dye in the purchased saffron, even in small quantities.

Arsenic is also tested for saffron used for export to other countries. Of course, all of the above factors are included in this test.

Examples of this test can be in the form of solid filaments with a special appearance (dark red) odor and taste, with moisture and volatiles of 4.6% g, the amount of ash in the total dry matter 4.83% g and With acid-insoluble ash in dry matter at the rate of 0.26% g, foreign matter related to the plant 0.05 g, cream with stigma 0.2 g is considered for premium saffron and the amount of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead And mercury should be less than 10 PPm.

Storage and packaging conditions of saffron

If the conditions and method of storing saffron are correct, it can retain its properties for up to two years and we can use it during these two years, after which saffron loses its properties.

It should be known that saffron should be placed in a place away from moisture and in a sealed container. A temperature of 20 to 15 degrees is usually recommended for storing saffron, and the humidity should be around 40%.

When storing saffron, use an aluminum foil for the lid and the container should be free of any contamination and completely clean. The best way to know the quality of saffron is to inhale its smell and aroma between the fingers. Good saffron has a good aroma.

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